• Definitions & Objectives


The UTIC is a consortium[1] associating utilities members or members from groups of utilities or their research institutes in a joint scientific research project. 


A Common Objective

Concerning 50 and 60 Hz magnetic field exposures, UTIC members contribute together to an original and high level scientific research initiative, with the objective of defining thresholds for a physiological response, and in particular the threshold for magnetophosphenes[2] occurrence.   

The threshold for magnetophosphenes perception has yet never been formally established for 50 and 60 Hz magnetic fields exposures in human. This research effort aims at providing a solid scientific basis for the development of exposure guidelines adapted to workers and public protection.


UTIC Members

UTIC members are utilities representatives or representatives from groups of utilities and institutes, which financially contribute to this initiative. A UTIC membership stays active until the completion of the last objective planned within the research program it is contributing to.


Specific Objectives

UTIC members concur:

  • to encourage and promote research efforts directed towards the above defined common objective, and especially to provide a regular follow up of the research protocol in coordination with the team in charge of the project.

  • to propose specific research projects, relevant to the common objective.

  • to facilitate exchanges and scientific results sharing between the UTIC members.


General Ethic Rules

  • Any research protocol must receive the approval from the ethic board in charge of the concerned research institution.

  • UTIC members acknowledge that the research team/group in charge of the project carries the responsibility and the obligation to make the results public, especially by publishing in peer reviewed international scientific journals. Would this obligation not be respected, within a one-year delay, the UTIC members can take the initiative to make the results publics using any mean they deem convenient.

  • The scientists accept to submit, for information and commentaries, any technical report, planned scientific communication and publication, to the UTIC members contractually associated with the research involved in this specific publication. It is understood that the UTIC members role is advisory, they cannot interfere with the normal results’ dissemination process. UTIC is not bind to scientific publications, only their authors are. Nonetheless, if it is deemed necessary, the UTIC can make its opinion or its eventual comments regarding the published results public. 


Operating Procedures

Each UTIC member nominates his representative(s) in charge of the research program’s follow up and of meetings attendance; and must inform all his other partners of any representative change. UTIC members agree to hold at least once a year a follow up meeting, completed as needed by teleconferences. The meeting location will be decided by the UTIC members. Minutes of the meeting will be provided and adjunct to the research program archives. 

[1] Consortium: an association of two or more individuals, companies, organizations or governments (or any combination of these entities) with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal. Consortium is a Latin word, meaning 'partnership, association or society' and derives from consors 'partner', itself from con- 'together' and sors 'fate', meaning owner of means or comrade. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consortium
[2] Magnetophosphene: perception of a transitory light phenomenon within the visual field, described as “dots”, “sparks”, “lightning” or “flashes”, uni- or bi-lateraly, with numerous colors, with various topography intensity and size, related to the induction of currents in the retina under a magnetic filed exposure.

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